Looking for Garry's Mod clips for next CHM video

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I'm looking for some gameplay clips of our gmod hack in action for our new youtube video. This video will be our primary advertisement/montage video, if you want any of your gameplay included in it, you can either post below with a video download/youtube link or send me a forum PM. I'm hoping to get this video completed and uploaded within the next couple of days, any video input is greatly appreciated.

Video check list

  • No music/voice
  • Gameplay sound
  • Good video quality/fps

If your clip doesn't meet these requirements still feel free to send your clips over as I can just edit wherever I see fit. I'll be accepting clips for the next 3 or so days, so don't worry about not having any clips to send me as you have a bit of time to prepare.

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19 minutes ago, Waggfagg said:

Would my showcase work?


You should send me that video without the music over the top :)

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