TF2 Final Beta Remarks

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We appreciate the feedback, suggestions, reviews, and bug reports. I wanted to let everyone know that we will be revoking TF2 beta access tonight or early in the morning tomorrow.


When will the TF2 cheat be released?

  • It's expected to happen soon.

Will there be future updates after release?

  • We'll be continuously pushing updates to the cheat for as long as possible.

I noticed you guys only had no option to customize your ESP, we only had skeletons. Do you plan on adding more?

  • We're definitely going to add more ESP options for players. It will very similar to what the GMOD cheat offers.

What will be the expected cost of the TF2 access?

  • We have not yet decided. However, we are expecting it to be a monthly subscription with a choice of permanent access.


If you guys have any more questions regarding the TF2 cheat please contact me or @EthanTheGreat via forums or Discord.

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1 hour ago, Fl0yd said:

True beta testers get vac bans xd

Vac to stroke..

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12 hours ago, Paradox said:

It was amazing to be able to test this.

Is there any planned release-date yet? Surely going to buy it!

Glad to hear you liked it! From what i have heard, i don't think a set release date has been confirmed but i would think it would be some time soon possibly!

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Thanks for the testing it was very fun to watch the chat explode that you are hacking and the hole time your team supporting you, calling the other team sore losers and telling them they are just bad. Thanks for the good time and i will look in to buying it when its released.

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