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CitizenHack Review (GMod)

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First of all, this cheat is great for bypassing and I've been using it for over a year, I'm being as honest and unbiased as possible.


- Looks decent

- Entity finder is great and works fine

- No option to disable keypad stealer(idk why)

- Weapon list is very useful in DarkRP and TTT

- Kills FPS (even with the MultiCore Rendering FPS boost it hardly does anything, lowering ESP distance helps)

- Doesn't have built in TTT finder and you have to manually add entities yourself, also if someone picks up a T weapon off the ground and you have it in the entity list you can easily mistaken it for a traitor. (Just add in a T Finder that triggers on buying equipment)


- Good for raging(sometimes struggles to hit noclipping players at high speeds even with prediction which is normal... I guess?)

- Silent Aim still in beta

- Pretty bad for legit for two main reasons: super jittery when not aiming at the head, having no recoil doesn't even matter because when you use the aimbot it doesn't have recoil which is awful for looking "legit" to other players. You're forced to aim for head and look obvious if you use smoothing(manually aiming is honestly better at this point)

- Smoothing even at the lowest setting is still pretty blatant after your crosshair locks on to the aim position it looks obvious because the tracking is 'perfect' and not human-like


- Buy this cheat if you like blatantly aimbotting and I guess going on mass killing sprees, also great for DarkRP because of the keypad stealer and clientside noclip.

- Don't buy this cheat if you plan on using smooth aim to look legit until they fix jitters for every aim position besides the head

- Some lua cheats/scripts that normally work with an external bypass won't work with their gLua loader

- When initially buying this cheat lower your ESP distance and don't bother using MultiCore Rendering to increase your FPS because it hardly made a difference from my experience and was a waste of my time.

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