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  • Visuals
    • ESP colors match the color of players nametags
    • Nametags show players DARKRP names and job names (in some servers)
    • Lets you add entities to ESP (like money printers)
    • From my experience, the visuals are undetectable from screengrabs
    • Great customization of visuals range and color
    • Visuals are very clean (cleanest I've seen from any GMOD hacks)
    • Player beams and freecam are great as well


  • Aimbot is sub-par
    • Great for knives and melee weapons, not so great for guns, at least in the servers I've play on.
    • From my experience cheat will randomly crash between 20 mins to  2+ hours of gameplay.
      • This issue has not been addressed in over A YEAR, which has pretty much stopped me from using this cheat. 

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