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Citizenhack: A barrel of laughs.

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>I want to be the best

>Just trying to find a decent cheat cos im a scumbag
>Eventually find myself at
>Reviews looked pretty good and they were having a sale
>Koolio, bought myself a new hack

>On a military RP server having a blast, racking up kills
>Fighting for an hour, get a KD of 80/0
>Finally accused of cheating by some dumb ass moderator

>Tries to gather evidence of me being a slicky wicky cheater
>Of course we hit him back hard, me and the boys managed to frame him for staff corruption
>Owner believes our bullshit evidence over his decent video recordings of me getting kills (the vid didnt even prove that I was cheatin' ayy lmao)

>Most now believed that it was all skill and I was just super good, got transferred to the most elite division and promoted a bunch of times
>Unbelievably ignorant to my devilish master plan, even the admins were in my corner
>Crap, my aim snapped to someone's head one day while a superadmin was spectating me
>Had a good run, got permabanned immediately. It was a victory anyway, for the damage had already been done for a long time!


Read the first letter of every line, someone please help, i have no control.


True story, actually. Not only did citizenhack help me discretely kick ass (until my stupid self forgot to turn on smoothing) but it also gave me and my mates a lot of laughs as we watched staff scramble to figure out who I was and how I was slaughtering the most elite units on the server as a private. Plus, I wasn't the only one who got my money's worth out of the hack. My mates got a good kick out of it too, and we're still using it to this day. All the features that it has are great for getting an edge on your opponents in pretty much every aspect. I've used the features for a variety of activities...

  • Aimbotting enemies, saying that they're just bad at the game when they accuse me (lmao its fun when you got those people who brag about their aim only for you to just wipe the floor with them)
  • Finding any entity currently on the map, useful for stuff like HL2RP or finding ideal bases to raid in DarkRP
  • Using ESP to make my enemies wonder how the hell I knew where they were; "nah man I saw you hide in the bush, you're just shit at hiding"
  • Smoothing my aimbot to not look like a total moron when headshotting an enemy sniper hundreds of meters away with my pistol
  • Getting myself across the map at supersonic speed with the outstanding bhop feature - "You tell me how I arrived here faster than your car."
  • Turning the tides on bully hunters - "Little did she know that the hunter was about to be the hunted."
  • Seeing how much HP people are on so I can decide who to attack first
  • Making slenderman my bitch in Stop It Slender - "No buddy, it is YOU who is locked in here with ME!"
  • Not even getting VAC banned (the cheat is safe, you won't get VAC banned unless you actually try your hardest to)
  • Killing an entire squad of power armor kids with only a hatchet in fallout RP, cos those headshots count son
  • Knowing when an admin is spectating me and using that information to be less of a hackerman and more of a decent player
  • Just being the best of the best in every server because of pure skill and no other reason.

Well in summary, there is a lot of crazy shit you and your mates can do with the hack. Sure, there are those negative reviews concerning people who aren't happy about it, however it seems to be all due to the lack of fun they are allowing themselves to have. Citizenhack is one of the most stable, safe and affordable cheats on the market right now. For me, the amount of features isn't what defines a cheat. What defines a cheat for me is the opportunities it gives you to be the best and have fun. You can't have fun if you got VAC banned from a shitty free malware cheat, and abundant accessories are worthless if they are of poor quality. The objective of purchasing citizenhack was to come out on top as the greatest player on my chosen servers, and citizenhack has allowed me to do just that. If I want to find a shotgun the second I spawn in HL2RP, I can do it. If I want to humiliate some elite admin supersoldier with a terrible weapon, you bet I can do it. If you can absolutely dominate the game without being caughtt for very long periods of time, the hack has done its job. However if you behave erratically with it and don't toggle off when being spectated, of course you will be banned. There is no cheat for human idiocy.

Final assessment: Worth the money. Take care of the cheat, and the cheat will take care of you. In buying this cheat, whether it be for a month or for life, there is a vast amount of potential for you to get up to all sorts of mischief under the radar of those rotten server admins. If you want a highly complex, feature heavy hack, you have come to the wrong place. On the other hand, if you want a slick, undetectable, easy to master hack, you would make a great citizen.

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Thank you for your review on the cheat, I also believe that destroying a server that is mean't to be roleplay with your cheats is the most fun you can have.

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