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Gmod Review

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Eh, its alright and in my budget. The one thing is that (for me) it is almost always broken and i constantly have to download and delete instances.

The esp constantly lags my game and makes me crash.

The aimbot is always suspicious and no matter what i can't get it to look even remotely legit.

The Glua loader is great and i almost always use one of the lua menu as a substitute for the laggy esp.

The Bhop is great would never think twice about how smooth it is.

And the fucking injector, i'll just name all of the injecting process's flaws

freezes constantly on checking computer with antivirus on or off.

you always need at least one of the 2 items in your citizen hack folder.

Gaben.exe or a something with numbers in its name which in my 3 months of owning lifetime of citizen hack  still don't know its fucking purpose.

So in conclusion, with the fact that they're probably using me to mine some bitcoin for them, i give it a 5/10.

hope this help's anybody and if i missed any facts about citizen hack let me know.


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