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I bought lifetime for GMOD, and i'm not dissapointed, I love the cheat's features, however there are a few things that could be changed.

First of all I dont like how the game rapes my framerate, I lose 20-40 fps when using the cheat, even with esp on minimal distance/disabled completely. I wish it was optimised :).

Next is the crashing, i have to reload my gmod like 3-4 times to stop in from crashing on injection, then when i get into the game, it periodically crashes me every half an hour, sometimes less, with me even sometimes crashing whilst loading the server.

Overall I  give this cheat 6/10, as the features are amazing, and it works pretty well, but I struggle to play on such a lowered framerate, and whilst crashing pretty often. If this was cleaned up, it would get a 9/10 or 10/10 :-).


It has potential, if they came with some master update where they completely overhauled the visuals and optimised everything, stopped crashes from happening, and started helping people, this would really save the day.

No hate, and i will continue to use the cheat, but it certainly can be improved :-).

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