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Citizen Hack - Gmod

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After 270+ days using the cheat I've decided to make a testimony. Mostly of what i'm going to say is positive and the negatives are only lack of small features.


This cheat is definitely not for HVH, which is fine because that is not what it is intended as however for legit/closet cheating I can't recommend this cheat enough. It is great in almost any situation from rage cheating to RDM or legit cheating to get that boost in normal play. In fact the only negative thing I can probably think of is the fact that there is no options for snaplines or to change target priority like highest damage / distance / lowest health extra however this is all overshadowed by that amazing aimbot prediction features as well as other aspects of the aimbot.  


The visuals are very, very good. The look beautiful and are very customisable. They have GlowESP, different forms of chams, name ESP, the lot.  The only addition to this that I can think of is maybe making it so that when you can actually see a person their solid colour (UK)  cham will be different to when they are behind a wall for example.


This is pretty much all I have time to write right now but I will possibly add more to this at some point. If you have the money I don't see much point in not buying it.


TLDR 9.5/10

Use my referral link below if you're going to buy it.


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