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Love it.

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Although I can't speak for the people who spent more than 20 bucks on it, 20 bucks is a pretty good price for something this amazing.

The fact that the aimbot is literally perfect (with the right configs) is only the icing on the chocolate cake.

You can load literally any plugin possible (provided that it's updated) and the anti-anti-cheat is wonderful since the only method of detecting you now is if you don't care what happens to your account and go wild.

I've only been ever banned once and it's by a server that I've been hacking on for an entire year. They only caught me when I accidentally got too reckless shot someone's sliver of a head through the window of a door which obviously isn't possible in game, unless you've been blessed by Jesus and recently found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

My main gripe is that with lots of visuals, it really strains my eyes when there's a group of people and it's hard to see what's happening. Also don't forget to mention the crashes as we all know, nothing is perfect and we shouldn't expect something to get fixed at a moment's notice. Or even a few months because the devs are just people too trying to make a living. They've got a lot on their mind with all the coding and stuff with their real life that it's hard not to get stressed when literally an entire community is barking at your gate and demanding you to fix something that probably takes a while. I don't understand it myself but I still think the devs are awesome!

The fact of the matter is, that for double, or even triple the price I paid for it, you're still getting a lifetime of a hack that's range of abilities it can do spans across all game modes of gmod and it's versatility is uncanny. All you're going have is an empty wallet, that feeling of sadism we all get when we ruin another person's day, and a neat hack for your entire existence. 

So would I recommend this hack?

Of Course I Would!

I hope this helps you, and have a nice day!

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