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Hiya boys, I got a review for you today....

Aimbot: 10/10 if you configure the settings properly

ESP: 8 or 9/10 as sometimes can be a bit laggy but nothing too bad.

Entities: 10/10 The entities menu is really great as you can customise the colour and also turn on entity names on crosshair to make it even easier to add entities

BHOP :8/10 Although CAC can sometimes detect it is is pretty unlikely if you turn safe mode on

Keypad Stealer: 9/10 Half the time it gets the correct code if they enter their code using E instead of a numpad

Friends/Whitelist: 10/10 Very simple to whitelist steam friends or a specific SteamID

Config Options: 10/10 The fact you can use other peoples config is just pretty dank

Plugins: 10/10 You can load pretty much any plugins you like

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone thinking of buying it. 



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