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Hello Citizens,

It's been about a year since anything was mentioned about the TF2 cheat, fortunately however, @EthanTheGreat has been recently hard at work re-creating the cheat and doing testing with community members. With their feedback and testing we believe we will soon be ready to make the cheat available to the community.


Is there an estimated release date?

When we have finished testing privately we should be making the beta publicly available in the coming weeks.



During the beta period, the cheat will be available for lifetime at $15 for current gmod cheat owners and $30 for new customers.


Is it undetected?

During development we have not had any VAC incidents during thorough testing, however we do put user security first. During beta we recommend using alternative steam accounts to avoid any unwanted bans.


Can I get beta access?

We have a lot of people requesting beta access, so probably not at the moment, it is likely most users will have to wait until we open up access.


If you have any more questions, post below and we'll try to answer.



Video Preview



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On 3/15/2018 at 3:50 AM, Tasit said:

Where do i buy?

Will be on the store in the coming weeks, but we might be giving away TF2 beta access soon!

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16 hours ago, Moist_aisan said:

yo yo sucking the big pp for tf2 hack

i didnt mean it to seem like that,my b

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