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All I have to say is wow!

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Hello, my name is Ramone and I got into Gmod hacks in early 2016 when this kid in a MilitaryRP server was bragging about his aimbot. At this time I was 15 so wasn't capable of getting a job where I live also never knew about CH. Started with those shitty leaked Lua hacks that where always broken by big servers. Fast forward to this year got a job found CH and decided to make a purchase since all the preview videos just hyped my up to buy it. I have to say this is one good ass hack. Been using it almost a month now and haven't been broken once. Aimbot is the best one I've seen its so smooth when locking on the head. The people that hate on this hack and say its shit either 1. Don't have the cash to try it out so they dick ride a free lua script cheat and say theres it way better... Or 2. They are some salty BP user who angry that they wasted some cash on a shitty cheat so they hide it by trying to be toxic to CH users. Honestly why be such a pussy about a hack on a game bro like damn its not that serious at all. But anyway shout out to the CH team for making great preview videos for this cheat. And also keeping the community nice and clean. P.S. I love the way you guys made the injector having to log in really makes it impossible to leak since u need a login to use it.  :relaxed:

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