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Honest Opinion

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Citizen is honestly one of the most amazing hacks ive ever used. Its both cheap and amazing, ive seen 70$ hacks worse than citizen and honestly im glad I bought it. When first coming to the site I was a bit skeptical cause ive been scammed before on stuff like this. After doing some intensive thinking I decided to get the 7$ version to try it out. Not even 20 minutes into gmod and I knew I was gonna buy the lifetime version. Its honestly one of the best hacks ive ever encountered. I I know I havent been in the community for long but I hope you welcome me with open arms. Citizen is a great hack and if your looking for quality, cheap, and simple hacks then youve come to the right place. 


Overall opinion: 9/10 (ESP is a bit clunky for me but I just use my own Via the plugin injector which is also an amazing feature)

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