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Would Recommend For Clientside Lua. 7/10 Good Cheat!

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I have been Cheating on Gmod for 4 Years Plus, Out of All the hacks i have seen or used in my time i give this a Fair Rating of 7 out of 10, This is Fair Compared to the cheats i have used overtime.



Friendly Staff & Support - 9/10

Community - 9/10




CHM Aimbot: 4/10 - More for Legit Use Rather than Rage in my Opinion.

CHM ESP / Wallhack 8/10 - Very Helpful and Useful.

CHM Menu 3/10 - Don't Really like how it brings me to a Steam Overlay instead of a In-game menu.

CHM Glua Loader 10/10 - As i Said I very Much Like to Run My Own Clientside Lua.

Overall - 7 / 10 - Compared to My Cheats I've Used Over the course of 4 years this is a Great Cheat and I Recommend you buy it now!. (Cheapest Cheat On The Market!!)



Anatrax - 25/12/2017


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I’m pretty sure the menu is for screengrabbing and detection purposes and would be harder to bypass an undetected screengrab if it was in-game.

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