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I have been using the hack for some time now and thought to make a review on it:


Aimbot: (9/10) very smooth with a lot of options for you to customize. A lot of other aimbots are not that good and this one is one of my favourites so far.

ESP: (10/10) Highly customizable with different colours and very good clarity. Definitely the best I've used so far.

Bhop: (9/10) Personally I'm not a big bhopper myself but the little things like the auto strafe really sold it for me.

Charms: (9/10) Charms are pretty much my most used things in gmod hacks, if the charms are bad there's a pretty high chance I won't use the hack. With confidence I can say that these are one of the best, there are some hacks with better charms I know but these one's are definitely my #2 pick

Conclusion: "I have used this hack for some time and it's been working beautifully; The interface is sleek, the hacks good and the reputation also not bad. The things like the keypad grabber, bypasser, client itself and extensive customizability are definitely what sold it for me. And for just $20 for a lifetime of free updates, and an amazing hack I can say it's definitely worth it." - RazerMoon

Total Rating: 9.5/10


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this gives me hope that this menu will be good but only problem is i hope it has fun options to other players

and also have like printer finder etc

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