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hey whats up boys

im going to tell you lyif this shit is shit or some shit

anways les get into it

Aimbot 9/10

Aimbot is great and the its y smooth unlike some other cheats

nospread isn't visible, unlike bigpackets.y no to mention their comparison to citizen hack nospread is that its not turned on

anyway. its definetly nice. simple to set up and only take 10 seconds. Legit aimbot isn't very good as it still locks on. however, the gloader can be a fix for this.

bhop 8/10

bhop is nice however I have seen better

esp 7/10

can be laggy at times depending on the server, it has al the things you need but is lacking the beauty it needs, as in it missing some features, but once again the gloader can fix it. 

sadley it dosnt have alot of bells and whistles, a radar would be nice

the entity finder is all you need, you can change each entity do a sperate color, however some servers dont name ther money printer moneu_printr so it can be hard.

a highlight all entitys would be nice.

Gloader 9/10

the gloader is amazing not something you can even see in most hacks. however some features in menus that you use do have cac broken options, witch the gloader can only undetect so much some simply cant.

As mentioned before you can be running 5 menus all different esp's to have as much as you want. the gloader brings in the community to make cheats that are different menus and addon featears

witch are nice. 

misc 8/10

the keylogger witch captures the keys pressed into keypad within render distance. the number put in the keypad will be logged and will be placed beside the keypad, again you must be close and someone must enter the code for you to recieve it.

Client side noclip is just a free cam. however once again you may noclip through the whole map all props out of render distance of your player will not show, so if you need to  scope out a base you cant be far away.

Web Menu

this is used for a couple reasons. screen grab will not show the menu if you have it open. other reasons i know im not sure if im aloud to disclose

so yeah its 20 bucks. Bigpackets is free. it takes you longer to set up big packets then it does to buy this. just sayin



overall id say this cheat is a solid 8.5/10


grammar is my thing

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