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Best Cheat I've Had

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CHM94 Review

What a beauty of a cheat, undetected by everything so you don't have to worry about those 12 year old kids and owners who live by Cock(cac). Once you're done murdering an entire server in .1s you can act all chill when you get that big ass red notification "You are being spectated by Sweaty Headband Nerd Admin".


Aimbot = 10/10. Very nice at getting them 1tap flicks, has a prediction setting so you can shred that noclip sprinting fuckassboi.

ESP = 10/10. Beautiful and VERY customizable.

Bhop = 10/10. Fast. As. FUCK.

And, since we can load any LUA undetected, this cheat is all public and leaked cheats combined. Would w8 for f8 to give me a l8 d8 to find my m8 thats why I r8 this cheat 10/10




kill me


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