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CitizenHack Epic Food Review

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Let me just start by saying this cheat is REALLY good. Especially for the price. Odium was and is disgusting, and from other posts some people were saying its $50.

Citizen is $20 lifetime, which considering how undetected it is, and how useful and well made it is, it's very cheap, and very, very good. Aimware for Gmod which I have used, so I do know that it's trash, was $20 for 1 month.


Features & shit


Menu: Pretty good, the only thing I don't like about it is that it pops up into a web browser window instead of being in-game. It also doesn't open sometimes, but that's rarely.


Aimbot: Very good. It's accurate and has a lot of settings for use. Has a fix for HL2:RP, no-spread, no-recoil, smoothing, it's the whole package and very nice. Only real problem is in sandbox, sometimes it will aim lower than expected but that's fine as it still works perfectly for DarkRP.


ESP: Really good. It's got multiple chams settings, uncolored chams, skeleton, entity ESP, range settings so that you don't see retards across the map, customizable font for ESP, including comic sans for some reason. I wish there was aimbot FOV circle, but whatever. There's only one small problem, where the ESP overlays over everything else, so using menus chams will show through, but it's fine as it doesn't get annoying.


Bhop: Nothing really to say here, the Bhop works perfectly fine, safe mode prevents cac from kicking you, so that's cool. Auto strafe can be weird at some times but it's really good at gaining speed.


Misc: Sick as hell. You can log net.Start & net.Finish to find exploits and shit, there's a keypad stealer that somehow logs the code that people enter into their keypads. It's not 100% accurate, but if you camp and wait for people to come in and out, eventually you'll get the right code. Usually pretty quickly. There's some other stuff that I cant' remember as its 12 am, but overall it's pretty perfect.


Plugin Loader: Absolutely amazing. Loads gLua with no problem, without cac ripping you a new asshole. If you want some cool plugins, you should get b1g menu, a standalone weapon remover, Loki, and Exploit City. Overall this plugin system is godlike.


Overall Review:


Has it's flaws, but they are easily out weighed by the good stuff in this cheat. There's always stuff that I'm finding that I didn't know was there. Community is fun to be with, and servers won't know that you're cheating due to the amazing anti-screenshot, undetected features, smoothing, and aimbot settings. If you are looking to get CitizenHack, please do. You won't regret it as it's the best Gmod cheat out there, and there's a TF2 cheat coming soon. Best for the price, and best out there in general. Unlike BigPackets which is a rat, and Odium which is general trash, CitizenHack continues to be great and blow the other competition out of the water. But seriously, you should really consider getting CitizenHack. You won't regret it.




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