My honest Opinion V2

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OK. after using it for many hours im going to give it a much more reliable review.

The aim bot is 9/10

Most of the time its 100% great with the ability to add smoothing it works very well and is undetected.

The only problem i have with it is that CW 2.0 weapons do not like this aim bot. the no recoil no spread doesn't work on them.

The ESP is 10/10

This thing tells you the specific weapon they are using! Its great!

Also say you're playing TTT you can have it tell you whether or not the guy next to you has a knife!

Is it worth $20?

Definitely this hack as far as i know wont be getting patched or shut down any time soon.

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On 2017-6-23 at 9:22 AM, star1337 said:

Good review, I dont know why the  No Recoil+No Spread dont work on the CW 2.0 weapons

For apperant reasons. It doesn't need no recoil or no spread with CW 2.0 weapons though. Just tap fire, you one shot if you hit the head anyways.

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Great to see you enjoying the hack; it's always great to know, also I'm sure that the hack won't shut down any time soon; so yes it is indeed worth the 20$!

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