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Psst... do you like free gmod addons?

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Posted: 12:59 PM 23 Jan 18


Another attempt at slaying the king, this will be trash in a couple of days. Grab your copy of the newest serverside antifun hack on the block (for education purposes only, ofcourse) (Mirror)

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Odium Development Module Leak
Posted: 02:10 AM 06 Aug 17


Odium Development Module Leak


Last month we brought you the common Odium lua module files, 

Today we bring the Odium's Developer Modules to light, these files include powerful exploits which have been carefully protected by the Odium team (Loki), as well as Aegis v2 which is an improved version of their CAC bypass, and a new Acebot. Forum Post

With these exploits leaked and publicly available, we will be seeing a lot of servers patching and attempting to block these exploits, however for the time being, many servers will be open to these exploits.

Also if you are looking to detect Odium, @Grampa is offering an anti-cheat method, feel free to PM him on the forum or on discord.

Also, use these files at your own risk, the source code is public which means anti cheat developers will be trying to detect these scripts.


Aegis v2

Loki Exploits

New Acebot

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MythX Private C++ Source
Posted: 02:58 AM 01 Aug 17


Today we release the fully private & untouched MythX C++ source. This C++ project is a complete re-done version of the MythX Garry's Mod cheat.

The MythX C++ Project stopped selling and went private out of fear of being cracked/dumped, well, that didn't do a whole lot.

Files last updated in mid-late June 2017 and have not seen the day of light until now.


Full Project Download (43.5 MB compressed)

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Odium Lua Module Release
Posted: 02:50 AM 06 Jul 17





Earlier this week, we showed you how Odium protects their users, today, we release all of's ($50) Lua modules, these files are the full uncensored, original source and are available for download. If you have any questions about this leak feel free to comment below or contact our staff team.


Download All (single lua file)

Download Acebot Lua

Download Aegis Lua

Download Iron Curtain Lua

Download Full Mirror

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Superior Servers Release
Posted: 02:35 AM 25 Jan 17


Today we release our big Superior Server's file leak.
These files can be used on your own servers! Tell your friends, and spread the word!



Gamemode and Addon files

Penguin's Personal Site

CDN, Credit/Store System & Admin Portal

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MythX Lua Source
Posted: 09:10 AM 20 Nov 16


Original source dumped & made readable by Grampa.

Lua Download

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