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  1. TheLegend

    Citizen Protection - BigPackets

    A lot more people know about CH than BP lmfao. Also, CH has a much more outstanding reputation, rather than BPs garbage owner and community.
  2. TheLegend

    Brutally honest opinion.

    They are adding a lua loader, so if you do not like citizens aimbot you can load another one from a different hack (such as smeg, acebot, etc.) and it will be undetected.
  3. TheLegend

    Citizen Plugins - gLua Loader

    I nutted all over my keyboard and now my computer doesn't work :(
  4. TheLegend

    CHM90 Garry's Mod Update

    Ur my new dad
  5. Take that alt accounts.
  6. TheLegend

    I don't have Paypal ;-;

    If you add 25$ to my paypal I can hit you up
  7. TheLegend


  8. TheLegend

    CitizenHack - Hypnotize

    Lol I just use macros ez
  9. TheLegend

    CitizenHack - Hypnotize

    Im using replay hud for most of these lmao If you delete system32 from your computer, the file should appear on your desktop
  10. TheLegend

    CitizenHack - Hypnotize

    You have to go into your auto exec and type cc_random Ez
  11. TheLegend

    CitizenHack - Hypnotize

    Sorry for shit resolution and fps drops, working on getting it fixed.
  12. TheLegend


    Don't watch this video if you don't already have autism and/or down's syndrome.