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  1. The Aimbot is worse than my own aim The aimbot is so bad and unreliable that it's hard to believe this is a premium cheat. My own aim is probably better than the aim of this aimbot. The aimbot constantly targets feet, misses heads, and targets way outside of the hitbox, despite having accurate settings. The no spread and no recoil functionalities do not work. Half the time the aimbot will not enable in-game. If the server has a third-person view mod, it will completely override the aimbot and break it in toggle mode. The ESP is trash and rarely works, easily blocked by servers On a bunch of the servers I tried to use the ESP on, it did not work. The ESP's skeletons/wireframe drawings and text would just not be on the correct entities, it would be super far off in the distance. Completely useless. If the server had a third-person view addon then the ESP would completely break. Some servers force this third-person view, blocking this ESP completely. Tons of features are disabled intentionally or nonfunctioning entirely What they don't tell you on the homepage or store page is that a ton of features are disabled or broken. The plugin manager (gLua Loader) which many people get this for hasn't been working for over 2+ months. No Spread/No Recoil/AutoShoot/Aimbot Targetting and all the other aimbot settings are blatantly broken or barely work. Anti-screengrab does not work at all anymore Bhop doesn't work 90% of the time Keypad code stealer doesn't work 90% of the time The support is nonexistent I made several support tickets regarding these issues and received zero responses over a span of several days. The stupid decisions they make Why on earth did you guys switch from 32-bit to 64-bit support if you can't maintain the same features? You literally fucked your anti-cheat by disabling what everyone gets it for: gLua Loader, anti-screengrab, accurate aimbot, and ESP. Not only did they switch to a new 64-bit version a few months ago that is trash and unusable, they forced everyone to move to the 64-bit version. Unreal. This cheat is so bad it seems like it was put together in 20 minutes. It's very easily d e t e c t e d as well, moat has been detecting it for over a month now while CitizenHack claims to be "undetected for" a ton of days on their homepage, which is blatantly false. Edit: Found something else hilarious. Their forum automatically changes d e t e c t e d in thread titles or forum posts to "not working"--as if this is a user-error. CitizenHack is easily d e t e c t e d by moat and several other server networks at the moment and has been for months. Any server with a screengrab addon can also detect cheats very easily.