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My Brutally Honest Review of CHM

Back in early July of 2019 I bough lifetime of CHM. After my time using this software I decided it's about time I give my honest opinion.

AimbotCHM's aimbot is iffy, sometimes its pretty good other times not so much, BUT if you are trying to seem more "legit" when using a gmod software, this aimbot will work amazingly for your needs. I really like the customization although it can be confusing to some one new. So for aimbot i give this a solid 6.5/10, if they do a little more updating to the resolver and maybe add a rage bot the aimbot will be muchhhh better.

ESP/Visuals: These visuals are TOP NOTCH, they are simplistic, easy to config, not an eye sore, and verry customization. Honestly I have no issues with the ESP menu or anything in there except sometimes it could make you drop frames but its usually not noticeable, 7/10.

Entities Tab: I do not have any problems with this tab, works fine for my needs, 10/10.

Bunny Hops: I have no problem with CHM's bhops, works fine, I really like the "safe mod" for servers with a AC like CAC, 10/10.

Misc: The 4 settings in this tab are not bad, the issue with this side of the cheat is that the keypad stealer is amazing, if it works as its supposed to. It may take awhile to get someones keypad code, you may get something close or completely different then their code the first few times they put it in. 6.5/10.

Plugins/Gluas: I really like the glua injector thats in the cheat, works well, all the issues I had with it stem from the luas I was trying to inject, I have not used the plugins that often though, I only got about 4-5 plugins myself. 7/10.

Anti-detection: Works well against basically all the anti-cheats and smaller servers have, I have gotten anti-cheat banned once or twice, and those times it was mainly my fault for joining a large server. If you're going into a semi decently size server to legit cheat you'll be good, 8/10.

MY Grievances: Now for all the issues I do not like about CHM some are minor and can be fixed easily, some are more major:

-FPS drops, depending on your visual settings and your computer you may drop some frames using this cheat

-Aimbot, misses sometimes, good if you want to seem legit bad if you want to cause some real damage

-Keypad Stealer, amazing when it works but sometimes it may not

-Changing something in config may lead to aimbot not working, I'm not sure if this issue is just me or what but basically when i change something like aim at body instead of head the aimbot decides to not work entirely until I put this config in, it doesnt break whenever I change something just something in the aimbot menu

-Downtime, this has been a issue for me since I have gotten this software, every now and then the software would go down and wont go back up from anywhere to a few hours to two days

-Updates, sadly this cheat does not get updated as often as it should, if this cheat got updated at least a little bit more it would be AMAZING

OVERALL: This cheat is not bad, if it were to be updated more often it would be so much better then it is now. I have very much enjoyed my time using CHM, its clean, works well sometimes, and does what its supposed to. So overall I give this cheat a 7.5/10.


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So if anyone thats reading this that's thinking about buying this software, I say you should buy a month or a week sub just to see if you like it and if you do go ahead and buy a lifetime.

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On 10/7/2019 at 1:28 PM, xxapplecrapplexx said:

aimbot wont work for me, anyone know why

can you be a little more specific and did you try everything in the common fixes thread

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