My thoughts/review on Citizen Hack

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Well after 2 months and 10 days on the forums, i decided to make a review on the cheat,

Aim Bot

The aim bot is a very core experience and tool in this cheat. Due to no spread being introduced, it has literally became an unstoppable cheat that can beat anyone. The aim bot has many setting that can be used for a legit play style or a blatant/rage style, both being amazing. I rate it 9/10



The esp on this is amazing. I have never seen a cheat where you can highlight certain things like printers or guns. This makes game modes like murder, dark RP, and guess who amazing and really gives you a step ahead in the game I rate it 10/10



The bhop feature is honestly my favorite one. For games like death run, bhop, and dark RP i love it. Its a small feature but i am a person who loves bhoping so this is my favorite feature. Also with the auto strafe, you can really go so fast and out run anyone. Definitely a 10/10



The charms on this cheat are very nice. They help you show where players are in real time and give you a crazy advantage in the game. Its very customization and easy to use. It also looks really cool to see over 100 players on charms. I give it a 10/10


Total Cheat

With how easy it is, how easy the settings are and understandable it is, i really like this cheat. I have never seen a cheat with some of these features such as the keypad grabber and to bypass ANY anti cheat is amazing in its self. Definitely 10/10



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