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My Honest Review

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Ok lads, here is my review of CH - Ill be honest because i really dont care.... so here we go b1g boyz


  • So ill start off with the Menu, i guess its alright being in the steam browser, i have no idea why it is but yeah looks nice, would b better if u could customise it like change the colours on it, would b sexy asf in white
  • Needs to have like maybe themes, users would be able to create their own custom themes and share them on forums and with each other etc
  • Its kinda weird to get used to, i dont like the main page when you load it up, it just looks messy and not v nice.
  • AAAAlso some of the category's literally only have like one option, if u boyz are planning to add more stuff thats fine but confusing if not.



  • Surprisingly actually really good like, you will have to mess with some settings (there are a lot btw) but once its done, its really good


Ummm ESP yeah, ESP

  • Its alright tbh nothing special - fair few options but nothing amazin
  • The umm Entities thing is so good its actually fuck-able like finding printers and other shit is well easy and nice


uhhh what even else is there? like ugh yea other shit

  • Its undetected from most anticheats
  • Nice b1g bhops good moves <3
  • Spec list is honestly fucking horrible, make it like a box in the corner or some shit, not a HUGE red text in the centre :(
  • The LUA loader is honestly the best thing about this, you can run scripts with out CAC even blankin an eye ( f*ck cakey tbh )


ill edit if i can think of anythin else


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