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  3. Yes, our Entity system allows you to just type in and filter any entities on the map.
  4. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    Still having problems with crashes.
  5. Would the ESP be able to detect & show locations/sizes of "func_"s (such as func_door) and "Class C_BaseEntity"-ies (map buttons)?
  6. CHM TF2 Beta Information

    Yes please! ^.^ Any planned projectile pred?
  7. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    It's just useful to know what you're sending to the server, helps me debug stuff as well since I code
  8. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    what are you even using the net messages for?
  9. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    Still Experiencing Crashing When Trying to join this darkRP server called RealityRP
  10. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    We did just have some server maintenance, it should be back up now.
  11. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    I am still experiencing crashing after the update and I have tried everything on the common fixes post.
  12. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    Can confirm I am also experiencing this issue.
  13. qiwi

    We only support PayPal and Crypto Currencies.
  14. Last week
  15. qiwi

    how to pay through kiwi ?
  16. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    release a feature fat slaver
  17. Review

    Overall is now 9/10 due to the recent update
  18. Proof CitzenHack aimbot isn't bad

    Depends on how u wanna use it
  19. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    Also, net messages used to log to your citizen hack console but they don't anymore. And yes they're turned on in my menu. Any ideas why?
  20. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    Nope, just need to restart your game.
  21. CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    Do I have to redownload the client or it automatically updates?
  22. Hello Citizens, This update addresses the major crashing issues users were experiencing caused by our latest update. Fixes Crashing Hotfixes If you are having any issues still, please report any bugs to myself or @Roqj
  23. Proof CitzenHack aimbot isn't bad

    i think it's bad because it's a legit cheat and not supposed to be that good
  24. Will be on the store in the coming weeks, but we might be giving away TF2 beta access soon!
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